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Post-Partum Depression

March 6, 2005

I have to be honest. Sometimes after I preach, I struggle with post-partum depression. The blahs of post delivery of a message you have carried within you for a week. It’s the feeling that it did not quite come out like you had hope.

And no NASCAR race to escape to. I wonder if we expect to much of words. They are so fragile and illusive. How to put them together in a way that reveals the LIVING LOGOS WORD. That’s when I just have to humbly acknowledge that God has his hands full in calling me to be a messanger, a mouth-piece, an instrument.

May the Holy Spirit breathe life into the dry bones of my clumsy words.

I am looking forward to several upcoming events that I will be attending. The first is on April 15-16 at James Street Mennonite Church. Traveling the Tradition II: An Orthodox-Anabaptist Discussion promises to be a rich time of dialogue on the church. The Body of Christ: A Dialogue on the Church–Incarnation, Community, and Authority. I believe this will be a great time of embracing the treasures of God in our traditions as we embrace each other (EUCUMENE).

The second event I will attending this Spring is at Asbury Seminary in Kentucky. It is a conference planned by on Worship, Art, Liturgy, and Preaching. Maybe I’ll learn a thing or two from McClaren, Hopko, Webber and friends. It feels like an attempt to heal the Christian church of its schismatic, individualistic bent by recognizing the catholicity of the body of Christ across time and space. I want to be in that kind of a conversation.


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