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"Justice Sunday" reflections

April 27, 2005

This past Sunday was “Justice Sunday” an event organized by several religious leaders and the Republican party to be telecast live from a Baptist church in Louisville, Kentucky.

I think it is wrong to use language like that being used by James Dobson of Focus on the Family, Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council, Prison Fellowship’s Chuck Colson, and Southern Baptist leader Albert Mohler Their message is that those who don’t support President Bush’s judicial nominees are hostile to “people of faith.”

I don’t have a problem with people organizing politically around certain agenda—conservative or liberal. My problem is when people start to say that if you don’t vote like we do, or view issues of justice from our perspective than you are “hostile to people of faith.” That is alienating to those of us who are also trying to be faithful to the Biblical mandates for justice and holiness, but define the issues differently.

It comes across as arrogant to simply consider those who don’t share a particular perspective as “hostile to people of faith.” In fact, it basically considers me or others who share a different perspective on the role of faith in politics as outside the faith. Doesn’t it? Or can I be hostile to people of faith from within the church?

Here’s other questions to ponder. Does God intend for the church to carry out it’s ministry of light and salt witness to the Gospel through the political system? I think we have a role to be a prophetic voice that speaks truth to the powers, but are we too comfortable with the idea that you can legislate morality? Can you change hearts, by imposing certain laws on the country? Is that where God wants us to pour our time, energy, and money into influencing the “moral direction” of the country through political means and the laws of the land? I’m wondering if we can build a Biblical basis for this strategy (i.e in the life and ministry of Jesus, the disciples and the Early Church). Why didn’t Jesus just organize a political action committee to change the kingdoms of this world into the values of the Kingdom of God?

I mean these as honest questions and with the utmost respect. I really am interested in hearing your responses and perspectives!! I don’t pretend to think that I have all the answers!!!


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  1. Roger and Shauna permalink
    May 2, 2005 5:40 pm

    Thank you for bringing these issues to our attention. I agree with the fact that legislation of laws will not win over America to christ. It seems to us that many christians try to take the easy way out, by putting their time and money towards certain laws that in their minds will save individuals. We definitly need to do a better job of being more christ-like and loving in our own everyday lives, rather than trying to impose laws on immoralism. We cannot impose a law for every sin. Then we would all be in jail.

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