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Laurel Street Christmas Program

December 17, 2005

We had a cool time last night at Laurel Street. The first time our little SMC orchestra hit the road. Laurel Street Mennonite Church had their Christmas program and that little building was full. Janet told me there were 93 people present. About 25 of those were from SMC, with the orchestra and others who came along. Our orchestra includes piano, keyboard, bass guitar, three acoustic guitars, flute, violin, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, and our fearless conductor/vocalist.

They did a neat thing with the 12 days of Christmas, exploring how that song was actually used by the early Church as a part of the catechism. It was great to see Frank Albrecht again. Janet had a great meditation reflecting on brown paper packages wrapped with strings and there was a wonderful little choir from Laurel Street as well. Also, had a good time riding over from SMC with Dean and Ben.

I was excited to play my new trumpet. It was delivered on Wednesday, so I had a chance to use it after Christmas caroling Wednesday night at our practice. I remembered a couple things after our program last night. It takes more air and a stronger chops to get a nice sound out of a trumpet than a cornet. That’s why beginners often start with a cornet and then move to a trumpet. It also takes more air to play with the mute in and keep the sound on pitch and pure. Now, I might actually have to go digging in the crawl space for my old trumpet books to build up my chops.

Our family has been looking forward to today. We are going to the Fulton to see The Music Man. We are using the gift certificate that SMC gave us for pastor appreciation. What a wonderful gift! Mackenzie and Jansen are thrilled. The have watched the movie version with Robert Preston and Shirley Jones many times and have the music CD.

Good night ladies…pickalittletalkalittilepickalittletalkalittle…

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