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Postmodern Emergent Church visit

February 4, 2006

Every now and then I pop in on the blogs of some of our brethren (brothers and sisters) from the emergent church movement. Tonight I paid a visit to the blog of Andrew Jones, a leader in the movement.

He writes:

Its about time. I can’t tell you how frustrated our family has been in playing this pathetic game called Mega Church, having to create large Orthodox cathedrals and Pentecostal mega-church stage shows and overgrown, resource-hungry EvangeMega WillowBackySaddle OsteenyServices for annoying yuppies who complain about the temperature of the Starbucks before the service. My kids are just TOTALLY SICK of building massive parking lots for SUV driving Christians who destroy the environment every time they drive across the other side of their city just to attend a slicker church service.

I have been to a number of emergent events and have done some reading in that has been a part of the syllabus of this movement. I find their critique of Protestant Evangelicalism helpful and needed. Like this post by Andrew about the Megachurch game (What a bargain! For $40 I too can be like Joel Osteen). I had not heard of this game before.

However, I have seen aspects of the movement that indicate a reactionary impulse. Most movements begin this way. It remains to be seen how this movement will develop as it matures. It certainly brings a vibrant sense of the missional calling of Church.

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