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A Nonjudgmental Presence…

October 25, 2006

To the degree that we accept that through Christ we ourselves have been reconciled with God we can be messengers of reconciliation for others. Essential to the work of reconciliation is a nonjudgmental presence. We are not sent to the world to judge, to condemn, to evaluate, to classify, or to label. When we walk around as if we have to make up our minds about people and tell them what is wrong with them and how they should change, we only create more division. Jesus says it clearly, “Be compassionate just as your Father is compassionate. Do not judge;…do not condemn;…forgive” (Luke 6:36-37)

In a world that constantly asks us to make up our minds about other people, a nonjudgmental presence seems nearly impossible. But it is one of the most beautiful fruits of a deep spiritual life and will be easily recognized by those who long for reconciliation.

–Henri Nouwen

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  1. Anonymous permalink
    October 28, 2006 2:59 pm

    Brian, Powerful thought, because as we compare ourselves to Christ we realize how short we fall. When we look at His life He loved everyone without condition and everyone had a chance to know Him. How hard we have to work to do the same. But when we look into the face of Jesus we see Him accepting and loving us which should give us hope and encouragement to accept others as He did. Keep on my friend, and my our Lord bless you.

    Todd S.

  2. Ted Gossard permalink
    November 1, 2006 1:34 am

    Brian, So true. And so needed today from us all. Thanks.

  3. Brian Miller permalink
    November 1, 2006 2:17 am


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