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The emergent movement from an Orthodox perspective…

June 12, 2007

I read a blog post by Steve (a visitor to this blog) in which he responds to hearing Brian McLaren speak in South Africa.  It is interesting to hear an Orthodox voice responding to the Emerging conversation.  I appreciated that Brian McLaren invited Fr. Thomas Hopko to a event Worship and Arts sponsored by Emergent Village that took place at Asbury in 2005. 

When we dialogue with others…and differences of perspective become a part of the dialogue…how do we make room for the other?  Or is the choice between embrace or exclusion…schism or full communion?  How do relationships, systems, structures, represent the Trinitarian life? 

Helpful words from Notes From The Underground:

In dialogue there are four things we need to learn: you need to know who I am, and how I see you. I need to know who you are, and how you see me. We need to know the reality of both sides, and the way in which both parties perceive themselves and each other. Or if you want to be really postmodern about it, the way the self is perseived by the self, and the way the self is perceived by the other. And our perceptions of others show the others more about how we see ourselves.

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  1. Leon permalink
    June 13, 2007 1:49 pm


    I have often noted the similarity between pre and post modern thought. Much of Eastern Orthodox theology was formed in the beginning days of the church (pre-modern). Thus in the emergent church (more post-modern) one does find echoes of pre-modernity being talked about. Steve’s blog does a great job of identifying some of the specifics of those similarities.

  2. cbrunette permalink
    June 13, 2007 3:07 pm

    I just discovered your blog. Welcome to WordPress! I look forward to learning more about your Missional Anabaptist path.


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