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Women in the Gospels…

September 11, 2007

Yesterday was week one of two weeks of looking at Biblical interpretation and women in leadership at SMC.  This is a six-week study we are doing during the Sunday School hour with all the adult classes combined.  I gave out yellow and red cards to each person (soccer system)–told people to book me if I used words or ideas that didn’t communicate effectively.  Didn’t get carded till after the presentation.  We looked at principles of interpretation (an Anabaptist hermeneutic) and then plowed through Genesis narratives, an overview of the Old Testament and Jesus’ interaction with women. 

 We looked at the polarity between a literal approach to interpretation and a historical/cultural approach.  I imagine there were some lively discussions over lunch.  At least i heard of one such conversation. 

 Came across this quote on Shawn Anthony’s blog post from yesterday.  Interesting timing.

“The Gospel is feminist. In Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, Jesus treats women as thinking people who are worthy of respect. This was not, of course, the usual attitude of that time.”

                                                                                                           Stanley Hauerwas

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