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A diverse garden of God’s planting…

October 22, 2007

Gracias – Marcos Witt

Please don’t read the last post as a prophetic judgement on passé, apostate forms of church.  That is far too critical a view.  I am amazed at the manifold (many-sided…diverse) wisdom that is expressed in the Body of Christ. 

The views expressed in the last post is merely an expression of my own movement.  I want to be gracious toward those expressions of Church that don’t capture my attention–and sometimes ellicit a critical spirit.   Marcos Witt is an associate pastor of the hispanic church that meets at Lakewood Church, the mega-church (35,000 attenders) pastored by Joel Osteen.  I have been nourished by the worship songs of Marcos Witt during my spiritual journey.  His song, Renuevame, was a song that God used in my life during my second YES term in Puebla, Mexico.  I see the gifts and graces of the Spirit evident in my brother’s life.  So, no matter what my critique is of the mega-church paradigm, I am not going to categorically deny that God is working in that part of the Body of Christ.

I think of the words I read from Henri Nouwen in my morning prayers:

The Church is a very human organization but also the garden of God’s grace.  It is a place where great sanctity keeps blooming.  Saints are people who make the living Christ visible to us in a special way.  Some saints have given their lives in the service of Christ and his Church; others have spoken and written words that keep nurturing us; some have lived heroically in difficult situations; others have remained hidden in quiet lives of prayer and meditation; some were prophetic voices calling for renewal; others were spiritual strategists setting up large organizations or networks of people; some were healthy and strong; others were quite sick, and often anxious and insecure.

But all of them in their own ways lived in the Church as in a garden where they heard the voice calling them the Beloved and where they found the courage to make Jesus the center of their lives.

from Bread for the Journey, October 22

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