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November 16, 2007

Brian Doerksen, Everlasting

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  1. Leon permalink
    November 17, 2007 2:18 pm

    If only this reality of the sovereignty of God from everlasting to everlasting would be a lived out reality that goes beyond mental or emotional assent of most Christians.

    All to often we do lip service to this reality, yet when it come right down to it we each like to: live our version of life, determine our own path, choose what we want to be truth, ignore truth that inconveniences us, disdain the poor, bless whatever is currently considered patriotic, and generally follow the path of our first parents.

    That God is totally God and offers us life that is from another realm is often hidden from our sight, because we have invested ourselves so heavily into what interests us and painted “God” over the top like a thin veneer.

    This is a great song and a great reminder that God is the Lord and has revealed himself to us. May God have mercy and uncover our nakedness so that we might be truly clothed in Him.


  2. November 19, 2007 12:19 pm

    When is Leon going to start a blog? : )


  3. just an apprentice permalink
    November 19, 2007 6:00 pm

    Good question Chris!

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