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December 11, 2007


I have been caught up by a wave of technologically mediated community.  Not community in the 3-dimensional social matrix sense, but community nevertheless.  Several weeks ago Shawn Anthony invited me to be a part of an emerging guild of writers whose blog content would be aggregated at The Daily Scribe.  I casually said yes, not really thinking about the way I might be shaped by this invitation.  I am discovering that I have been invited into a number of things.  Community.  A community of writers.  A community of Christian writers.  A community of Christian writers thinking and writing about resonant themes such as missional church, theology, culture…. 

A communal hermeneutic…

The world is flat.  Because it is so, we have new ways of bringing our “voice” into community with the “voices” of others.   Already this forum has provided a place of convergence with others who are engaging questions and conversations that have been a part of my own story.  I find myself drawn to The Daily Scribe because the voices are true and honest.  The voices are seeking a way of living, that stems from an authentic engagement with Scripture, the Church, and culture. 

The content gathered in TDS is not just esoterica.  It is not just a bunch of self-promotion.  No these voices represent actual lives seeking an incarnational expression of the Gospel.  Voices that are seeking to free Christianity from its culturally captive forms and expressions.  While there is theological diversity, there is a significant undercurrent of distinctively Anabaptist ways of reading Scripture and following Jesus.  What does it mean to follow Jesus here and now.  To live into and be shaped by the Biblical story.  Narrative theology ala James McLendon.  TDS represents a compendium of voices rooted in communities, seeking to embody The Great Story.

Since beginning a blog three years ago this month, one of the most meaningful and enriching outcomes has been the conversations that have been triggered by content I have written.  The deepest value of blogging for me is that it becomes a way that we bring our voice into a public place that is accessible to the Other.  Just an Apprentice is so much the richer because it has been a place for conversation with others.  The communal hermeneutic is deeply served by this layer of conversation.  Through TDS, I find myself being sharpened as the community with which I am in conversation has been deepened and broadened. 

I want to introduce you to some of the voices in this community.  Some of the voices which I am learning to know and appreciate as a part of my hermeneutical community.  Voices that represent diversity and convergence.  Voices that are engaged in a generative conversation with the Word of Scripture, the Community of the Spirit, and Culture

Voices like:

C. Wess Daniels, An Emerging Profession:  Sharing Power in a Flattened World.  An excellent paper that addresses a burning question for me on my journey of seeking to understand what leadership looks like in a missional ecclesiology.  I brought this paper to our SMC leadership team retreat several weeks ago.  I believe it provides a helpful framework to consider as we look at a season of pastoral leadership transition at SMC. 

Scott Kennedy,  Biblical Christianity and “The Golden Compass” Movie Controversy.  An excellent essay pointing to the tendency toward reactionary paranoia that is the dominant way of interacting with culture in some Christian circles. 

Julie Clawson, Rejection, Redemption, Roots.  I am never disappointed when I read a post by Julie.  Always thoughtful, quality reflection delivered with grace and style.  This piece examines various ways Christians interact with other belief systems.  Of course there is always more to read than there is time.  I look forward to reading this essay on Women and the Emerging Church

Jemila Kwan, a poetic free spirit who will no doubt offend a more stayed piety.  Honest windows into being a woman, a young mother.  Poems

William P. Young, author of The Shack.  I haven’t explored his blog a lot yet, but reading The Shack has provided a rich filter which has colored my own writing, preaching and thinking about life lately.  See Fractal Grace

Makeesha Fisher, Advent Reflections:  Day 6.  Sermon material for this coming Sunday. 

You will definitely find “more than you can process in one sitting.” 

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  1. December 11, 2007 2:29 pm

    glad you’re on board – we’re having a good time at the scribe, and on the forums, be sure to jump right in. And thanks for the kind words about the post.

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