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I saw Jesus last night…

February 27, 2008

I saw Jesus last night.

He was sitting

by the Jenga blocks on the floor

playing with a baby-

the daughter of an unwed teenage mother.

I have never seen the father…

the young mom has her hands full

with two children under

the age of two.

I saw Jesus

making time for this baby

holding the baby

playing with the baby.

I saw Jesus caring for

the young teenage mother

as he cared for her baby.

I saw Jesus last night.

He was playing pool

with a teenage boy-

becoming man.

The teenage boy-becoming man

has not always had

a father present in his life.

I saw the boy becoming man

looking to Jesus-the  man.

Jesus the man valued him

wanted to spend time with him.

Jesus won the pool game.

I saw Jesus last night.

He was in the kitchen-

preparing a meal,

washing dishes.

He was serving



behind the scenes.

I saw Jesus last night.

He was at table with people playing a card game.

I heard him say that he didn’t

give up anything for Lent this year.

Rather, he is praying the Divine Hours

four times a day—morning, noon, vespers, and compline.

I heard him say that the other day

he was attending a seminar

that went from afternoon to evening.

To keep the discipline of Lenten prayer,

he had to get away from the crowd before dinner.

So he found the seclusion of a bathroom stall…

and prayed the evening office.

I saw Jesus last night.

He was at a table with children

doing a craft.

He helped them when they needed help.

He smiled at their pictures and told them

how beautiful their work was.

I saw Jesus the other day.

He was with a group of people

at the home of a young

single mom with three kids.

Jesus and his friends

were having a house blessing

for this young mother and her family.

They have been a circle of friends

as she tries to get on her feet.

I saw Jesus last night.

He had skin and bones…

hands and a heart.

He was present with people.

He made them feel valued…welcome…at home.

He loved and accepted every person–


I saw Jesus last night.

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  1. pistolpete permalink
    February 27, 2008 8:12 am

    Very nicely written. Thank you.

  2. February 28, 2008 8:11 am

    Beautiful! You should read this in church some Sunday. It would be good to incorporate poetry/these kinds of writings into our worship service occasionally.

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