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Our Father chant…

May 14, 2008

At Deep Shift in the Bronx we did a chant of The Lord’s Prayer.  You can find the lyrics for this version and an explanation for how to do the chant here.  I really appreciated this way of saying the prayer.  Another aspect of our worship during that weekend which I really appreciated was the opportunity to respond by going to one of five stations. 

Station 1:  annointing with oil

Station 2:  hands in/on dirt

Station 3:  dipping hands in water…making the sign of the cross with water on forehead…remembering our baptism

Station 4:  lighting a candle

Station 5:  kneeling…standing at a wooden cross



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  1. May 15, 2008 12:38 pm

    simple. and beautiful. thank you.

    by the way: the words “let nothing perturb you etc.” are a little poem of teresa of avila, a spanish mystic of the 16th century. it goes like this:

    nada te turbe,
    nada te espante,
    todo se pasa.

    Dios no se muda,
    la paciencia
    todo lo alcanza;

    quien a Dios tiene,
    nada le falta:
    solo Dios basta.

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