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June 7, 2008

It is probably of little interest to anyone other than me, but I thought I would post the data for which posts on my blog have had the most views in the last year. 

About 480 More stats
Christmas form letters… 464 More stats
On the life of the Trinity, mutual submi 436 More stats
A Christian pledge of allegiance… 389 More stats
Entrepreneurial church… 374 More stats
Supper at Emmaus 349 More stats
When you transplant a lilac bush… 347 More stats
Seek ye first… 323 More stats
On Setting, deconstruction and narrative 215 More stats
Orthodox Study Bible… 211 More stats
Gospel word pictures… 197 More stats
Michael Frost on Missional Church… 194 More stats
Women in missions, ministry and leadersh 188 More stats
God’s sacred ecosystem… 188 More stats
C.V. 184 More stats
Pauline theology of women and church lea 179 More stats
Notes from Emergent Theological Conversa 162 More stats
Emerging Church 101… 161 More stats
Emerging church and orthodoxy… 156 More stats
A disturbing conversation… 148 More stats
Orthodox-Mennonite Dialogue… 136 More stats
On feminism, Harry Potter, and spiritual 133 More stats
The problem in postmodern society from a 120 More stats
Jesus challenges traditional gender role 114 More stats
Walter Brueggemann’s 19 Theses… 110 More stats
The blessed Theotokos… 107 More stats
Both/And…Either/Or 107 More stats
The Politics of Jesus… 105 More stats
Litany of Penitence… 100 More stats
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