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the beloved community

September 7, 2009

what is your name
where are you from
what is your story

will you listen
to my story?

will you listen
or do you think
you already know the truth
of who I am
and how my story does
or does not fit with
your story

as you listen
will you take me as you find me
even as I do the same for you
and what will we do about
our differences

as you listen
will you make room for my questions
or will you seek to define me
interpret me through your
experience and presuppositions
sure that your words and categories
are sufficient to explain
the world of my life
fully, no mystery

will you
looking at me
see yourself
and the possibility
of mercy
triumphing over

will you recognize
the imago dei
within the broken eikon
in me
in you

and seeing…
will you still trust
the fragile possibility
of knowing and being known
in the beloved

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