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The story of leaves…

October 24, 2009

The story of leaves is an ancient script

written on earth’s parchment

in blazing colors

telling the timeless organic truth

 that the glorious  brilliance of fall foliage

(more Pollack than Serat)

is also preparation for death



and mortal adam—dust being

who Rises and builds greatness and beauty

must detach and let go


This story is also told

by stones and bones at

Giza pyramids, Coliseum, Acropolis

the abandoned Stuckey’s along I-70

in Illinois


Leaves and stones

whisper a truth into the human soul

also named by the writer

of Ecclesiastes

 that nothing can possess the meaning

reached for…named

 Glory and Power give way to

Decadence and Hubris


It has been so again and again…

Egyptian, Assyrian, Babylonian, Persian

Greek, Roman, Visagothic

Spanish, English, American



The dream of illusory

power and meaning

(played out by human actors

wearing masks of eschatalogical gravitas

mixed with electric compulsions)

falls to the ground


And so I thank God for autumn leaves

eternal icon in earth’s temple

sacrament of wisdom

uncovering the reality

of Sein und Zeit


time to go rake


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