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Talking heads…

March 12, 2010

If your church talks about
social justice or economic justice
get out of there
these are code words for
they are a perversion of the gospel

Jesus did come to bring good news to the poor
but it is only that they can get to heaven
when they die
receive a cup of cold water
and crumbs from our table
every now and then

If your church reads from the
New Revised Standard Version
get out of there
this version has the apocrypha
which is Catholic
find a Bible-believing…Bible-teaching
church that reads from the
King James Version
New King James Version
or at least the New International Version

If your church uses words like…
dialogue or discernment
get out of there
This is code for
slippery slope
wishy-washy relativism
for being in relationship with others
who don’t live or think according
to the clear teachings of Scripture

If your church talks about membership
and uses words like mutual submission
get out of there
they are trying to get you to give up
your independence and freedom
your right to your own opinions

If your pastor preaches
in a way that calls into question
the supremacy of the American way
and voices of Truth like yours truly
get out of there
we need to stand up to those
representatives of Christianity
who shamelessly impugn
the Christian underpinnings
of this nation

If your church emphasizes words
like discipleship
the way of Jesus and
cruciform living
get out of there
this is code for
giving up your first amendment rights
giving up your right to life, liberty and
the pursuit of happiness
it is code for loving your
Muslim, socialist,
illegal immigrant, homosexual

If your church constantly talks about Jesus
and not just as the way to get to heaven
If they talk about the kingdom come
on earth as it is in heaven
and actually think faith
has something to do with
poverty, pollution
warfare, racism
health care…
Get out of there
This too is a perversion

Unless we take a stand for Truth
our days are numbered
The Jesus I believe in is
a prize-fighter with a tatoo on his arm
a sword in His hand and a
commitment to make someone bleed

The hippie, mushy, love everyone
Jesus is a concoction of the
liberal establishment…
Be on your guard friends
They are in our schools
and if we don’t act now
they are going to take
over our country

One Comment leave one →
  1. March 12, 2010 5:04 pm

    Ah, sarcasm at its best… but belies a disturbing reality.

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