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SMC Litany…

May 24, 2011

We are…Sunnyside people…urban people…suburban people…rural  people
Some new…some old…some not-yet born…some gone on to their eternal home

We’re from wealth and we’re from poverty
We’re from tradition and we’re from pushing the edges
We’re from Cambodia, Detroit, Franconia, Guatemala City and Lancaster County

Ordinary people…living between harsh reality and expectant hope
Ordinary people…risking failure and disappointment; trusting vision and imagination
Ordinary people…reaching towards God’s extra-ordinary dreams for us.

Austin, Beiler, Benny, Blantz-Philips, Bowman, Bredeman, Burkhart, Castañon,
Cynthia and Lulu, David and Kevin, Denlinger, Derksen, DiCola, Ebersole, Frey
Greiser, Hawryluk, Herr, Hershberger, Hess, Hickey, Hunter

Ordinary people…cultivating communities of faith, hope and love.

We are…Sunnyside people…urban people…suburban people…rural people
Seeking unity as we gather to worship and give honor to Father, Son, and Holy Spirit

We’re from acapella hymns, worship teams, bluegrass, and orchestra
We’re from spoken confessions, silence, honoring desolations and consolations
We’re from open hands receiving the bread of Communion and the Blessing of Benediction.

Ordinary people…belonging in groups…Life Group, Sister Care, Men’s Group, Silent Friends, Junior High, Youth Group, Young at Heart
Ordinary people…”believing, behaving and belonging”, or is it “belonging, behaving and believing?”
Ordinary people…longing for deeper communion and a fuller revelation of God’s love among us.

Kauffman, Kilheffer, Landes, Landis, Lapp, Lattanzio, Leaman, Lengacher
Martin, Matz, Mellinger, Miller, Mullen
Ortega, Patterson, Rich & Leah, Ricketts, Riehl

Ordinary people…cultivating communities of faith, hope and love.

We are… Sunnyside people…urban people…suburban people…rural people
We scatter to carry the fragrance of Jesus into our communities and around our world

We’re from Tuesday Night at the House and Wednesday nights in homes
We’re from mission assignments, summer work teams, and community gardens
We’re from first Sunday School in a dance hall to a “Ridiculous” First Friday band

Ordinary people…trusting that God is already at work in our communities and our world
Ordinary people…honoring body, mind and spirit in the face of all humanity
Ordinary people…offering vulnerable hospitality…willing to risk the messiness of relationships

Sauder, Scheaffer, Scheid, Shenk, Shoemaker, Shultz, Smith, Sprunger,
Stauffer, Stoltzfus, Stoner, TJ, Trey, Trimble, Tshudy, Warfel,
Weaver, Weidman, Winchell, Winter, Witmer, Wright, Yoder, Zach and Zehr

Ordinary people…extra-ordinary people…cultivating communities of faith, hope and love.

And now these three abide…Our Centered Faith, Our Rooted Hope, Our Grounded Love
And the greatest of these is Love.  Amen.

(Litany written by Jean Lengacher for the installation of Jason Kuniholm as bishop of Lancaster District)



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